Sciton BBL

At birth, you have a full stock of nutrients (elastin and collagen) that keep your skin soft, smooth, resilient, and healthy. However, this stock of nutrients eventually depletes and the skin of your body and face decreases in resiliency, causing wrinkles, lines, and skin that sags. If you want to improve the firmness and general health of your skin without plastic surgery, look into nonsurgical skin tightening at Youthology Med Spa in Roanoke, TX. With state-of-the-art equipment, nonsurgical skin tightening encourages the production of elastin and collagen in the areas treated so you can develop healthier, firmer skin. During a consultation, attending physician Dr. A. D. Thakkar will be happy to perform nonsurgical skin tightening to Roanoke, TX patients looking to firm the skin on their face and body without the recovery time and expense of a surgical lift procedure. Make an appointment to get more information on nonsurgical skin tightening.