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About the O-Shot

Your vaginal tissue may become loose and decrease in sensitivity following childbirth or the natural patterns of aging, which often leads to less sexual pleasure and various medical conditions. This process can be reversed with the O-Shot procedure, a treatment that can help those who experience decreased sexual desire, vaginal dryness, lax skin, or stress incontinence. Also known as the Orgasm Shot, the O-Shot is a nonsurgical treatment that stimulates strength and sensitivity in your upper vagina and clitoris by using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood. Attending physician Dr. A. D. Thakkar performs this treatment at his Roanoke, TX facility, Youthology Med Spa. If you are interested in enhancing your sexual health or reaping any of the other benefits from this procedure, contact Dr. Thakkar’s office and schedule a consultation.

Ideal Candidates

The O-Shot helps many women who suffer from sexual dysfunction and certain other medical concerns by increasing vaginal sensitivity and stimulating the growth of new cells. Those who suffer from the following symptoms could benefit from receiving the O-shot at Youthology Med Spa:

  • aged, wrinkled vulva skin
  • decreased sex drive
  • decreased vaginal lubrication
  • lack of orgasms
  • limited arousal
  • weak vaginal muscles
  • pain during sex
  • lichen sclerosis
  • stress incontinence

Procedure Technique

Following your consultation, you will be taken to one of our treatment rooms where you will be asked to relax and recline while one of our team members draws a small amount of blood from your arm. This blood will be used to create the PRP serum. A local anesthetic can be administered upon request to ensure your optimal comfort. Once the blood is drawn, the PRP serum will be created in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. Dr. Thakkar will then inject the O-Shot into your upper vagina and clitoris.

What to Expect

You should be able to return to your regular daily routine after your O-Shot procedure. Dr. Thakkar will let you know how long to avoid any strenuous activity, such as intercourse and exercise, to allow yourself time to fully recover. Any bruising or swelling that may occur following your treatment will naturally subside after a few days. However, it may take a few weeks before you begin to see all of the improvements as your vaginal tissue needs time to heal and regenerate. Full results should be seen in about 3 months, including increased libido and vaginal sensitivity. Results normally last for 1 – 3 years, but Dr. Thakkar will let you know when you should return for your next treatment.


How much does an O-Shot cost?
The overall price of your O-Shot treatment will depend on the anesthetic used, how many injections you receive, and if you are pairing the procedure with another treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Thakkar will discuss your health history and condition to craft your ideal treatment program. After your program has been created, we will be able to estimate your expenses. Our office, Youthology Med Spa, accepts many payments, which can be discussed following your consultation.

When will I notice results?
Although some patients may notice results immediately following their procedure, the outcome will be most apparent a few weeks after your initial treatment. From this point on, your results should continue to improve over the course of a few months.

How many treatments do I need?
The number of treatments you will require will depend upon your individual condition and goals. During your consultation, Dr. Thakkar will determine your candidacy for the procedure and listen to your concerns to design a plan customized to your needs and goals. In order to obtain optimal vaginal health, he usually recommends an initial procedure to begin the process and follow-up treatments scheduled 1 year apart.

Are there any side effects?
Because the procedure utilizes your own platelet-rich plasma, there is little to no risk of negative or allergic reactions resulting from the treatment. The safety of the procedure has led many women to seek out this innovative, noninvasive treatment option.

Improve Your Sexual Health

Don’t let embarrassment discourage you from improving your sex drive, sexual sensations, feminine tightness, and other health issues. Contact Youthology Med Spa in Roanoke, TX to schedule a private consult with Dr. A. D. Thakkar so you can discuss your concerns and have a treatment plan to address them. A certified provider of the O-Shot, Dr. Thakkar can improve your sexual health with this service.

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