Our Office

Youthology Med Spa

At Youthology Med Spa, conveniently located off of North Highway 377, we highly prioritize the quality of your experience. This begins the second you walk through our doors. Upon arriving at our Roanoke, TX facility, you will be greeted warmly by our receptionist and led to our spacious, stylish lounge with ample seating, where you will wait shortly before being seen by one of our courteous team members. Our spa-like atmosphere will help you feel at ease throughout your visit. We will see that your comfort is maintained throughout the duration of your visit.

In addition to our lounge, we also have a designated consultation room where you will be given the freedom to privately converse with Dr. Thakkar and discuss your concerns and goals. We have three procedure rooms where we will perform your services and administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation upon request, as well as an IV hydration room, our own on-site lab, and a nurse's station.